Myotherapy and massage with Corey

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The Yoga Creative Level 1, 227 Brunswick street, Fitzroy

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Myotherapy, Remedial massage, Sports massage, therapeutic relaxation massage and Hot stone massage with Corey

Utilising cupping, myo-facial tension release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, dry needling, Swedish massage techniques, stretching and body assessment.
He also offers on the spot claims for Health insurance via the Hicaps Go app.

Myotherapy is a specialised health field where the therapist is trained to assess, treat and prevent specific somatic dysfunction and various musculo-skeletal pathologies. Treatment may involve various modalities that enhance the restoration and recovery from these conditions via treatment of the soft tissues. A mythoherapst uses underpinning knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics and pathology to understand the relationships between the myofascia, (muscles and related connective tissue) They also know how muscles and connective tissue relate to the other systems of the body.
Myotherapists use clinical examination skills to locate the sources of symptoms and identify dysfunctions. They also use high level communication, clinical reasoning, problem solving and planning skills to design and implement treatment and rehabilitative management programs.

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