Róisín Ní Bhroin

Róisín Ní Bhroin (Ro-sheen Nee Vrin) is a teacher by profession and nature, originally from Ireland Roisin has exclusively specialised in conscious breathwork, hatha yoga asana, pranayama, yogic philosophy, meditation, human development and growth. Gaining certification by Jahn Hooks in Connected Conscious Breathwork and the Byron Yoga Centre in 2019 she is currently studying a Certificate IV in Purna Yoga before beginning a diploma in Purna Yoga Management in October 2020. Roisin is also the founder of mindset development business called ‘The Conscious Rose’ offering mentorship, specialised intuitive healing programmes, private and group rebirthing breathwork and yoga sessions, enabling people to reprogram the subconscious to achieve quantum leaps in results in life. 

My favourite part of yoga is working with the breath. It benefits a plethora of issues; manages acute and chronic pain, helps with insomnia, aids weight release, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD and bereavement and the list goes on. It increases our creativity, self-esteem and leadership skills, improves intuition, reduces stress significantly and allows for more mindfulness, confidence and presence in our day to day life. My mission is to reconnect people to a more conscious awareness of our life force. The breath is the easiest and most effective tool that allows us to live a more connected, light and purposeful life-filled with unconditional love, our passions and dreams.



Breath work with Roisin

Breath work with Roisin

Breathing out the old patterns, and build-up of negative, stagnant energy, makes space for the new and fresh to enter into our internal and external world. We become energised and…

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