Welcome New Students, we have classes to suit all budding yogis

All of our classes are suitable for beginner students. Our teachers are all experienced in offering modifications of different poses for beginner students, and more advanced modifications or progressions for the more experienced yogis. However, we find that most students that are new to yoga prefer to start with our introduction program.

Our Introduction program
Our introduction classes run on a 8-week cycle and break down the fundamentals and core poses found in our yoga classes. You can join as a casual but it is recommended that you do the whole 8 weeks. You will benefit from doing the whole program. If you miss a week at any time best of all we let you catch up when suits you! So you can really get your confidence up!

Because our Intro Offer for new students is 28 days of unlimited yoga, you can attend 4 of the Introduction Classes during your introductory period!

  • Preparing for class
  • Drink plenty of water before class
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours before class
  • Wear light but fitted clothes
  • Bring your yoga mat if you like, or use one of ours complimentary
  • Remember you should book to secure your place, if you are unable please arrive 10 minutes before class starts to secure a space.
  • Wear light and fitted clothes
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring a small hand towel (if you wish)
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    Agreement: I will at all times act within my own level of comfort taking particular care of any injury or complaint that I carry when participating. I acknowledge that yoga is a physical and dyic practice that requires both mental and physical focus in order to avoid potential injury and that injury and soreness are a real material risk in every class. I will always keep the teacher informed of my comfort levels and will immediately cease any activity if I become uncomfortable with my condition. I acknowledge that the teacher is providing guidance based on experience and education, and in no way do they claim to be medical practitioners. It is my responsibility to decide whether to not to follow advice and guidance given by the teacher and in no way do I hold the teacher responsible for any injury or soreness acquired while undertaking the yoga activities. I hereby commit that the information that I have provided is accurate and fully reveals the nature of my state of health as of the date of this document.

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