The introduction to yoga course we offer at The Yoga Creative, aims to introduce the body gradually to yoga. We will be working to increase the range of movement you have, to allow stiffness and restrictions in the body to ease and bring you to a place of wellness. We introduce Yogic breathing techniques that will assist you with these movements. The breathing techniques also strengthen your lungs and allow you to breath more easily and fully. When we fill our lungs with oxygenated air we fill great. All the cells and tissues of the body are nourished by the oxygen and we have a natural desire to become more active and responsive in life . We will be working to support you in your desire to build and deepen your knowledge of the postures and the breath.

Yoga can help you in so many ways.

If you are desk bound and a keyboard warrior you may not have a strong core. The centre of our bodies are our core. As the stretches work to improve our core strength our lazy muscles begin to activate and become stronger, so our balance and body awareness also improves.

We can also activate the 7 major endocrine glands via sequential postures. These glands secrete chemical messengers or hormones that travel around our body via the blood. They activate responses in our bodies that benefit our health, each gland having a particular job or function. At the moment with the Corona virus it is great to know stretches that activate the THYMUS GLAND at the sternum bone. This wonderful gland produces warrior cells that protect and strengthen the immune system.

Learning to breath well can have a very positive effect on our health and well being. There are breathing techniques that can strengthen our lungs. When we breath deeply right into the bottom of the lungs we invigorate the lung cells. When we breath fully and deeply we bring additional oxygen into the body with every breath. The oxygen travels around the body in the blood like the hormones and in this way it is able to nourish your tissues and cells, which provides you with extra strength and energy.

Different breathing techniques teach you to bring your attention to the breath, removing mental distractions, enabling calmness of the mind. These are very useful if you suffer from anxiety or over thinking, or are in need a good nights sleep.

Each class will contain some focused breathing and also a time for relaxation at the classes end. This quite period is rest and repair time for your body. The hormones are now in balance and you will probably be feeling very peaceful. The body can now absorb the benefit of the stretches and the breathing practices. This allows you to return yourself to your life feeling happier and refreshed.

Enjoy meeting up week by week with your fellow travellers, and becoming part of our beautiful yoga community

If you are seeking a way to improve your health, to feel better about yourself and to engage in life more fully consider joining our Introduction to Yoga Course at The Yoga Creative.

Over 8 weeks you will make many amazing discoveries as we work together. We start to pay attention to our bodies during focused movement, we notice our thoughts during the quiet breathing and relaxation practices. Changes will occur that are unique to each of us.

We take it slowly and carefully as you build strength and flexibility and learn the yoga basics. Working at a pace that suits you, that respects your wonderful unique body and allows it to increase its range of movement while you feel safe and protected. We have a wealth of very experienced teachers holding the highest qualifications in the industry to guide and teach you.

Maybe you have some yoga experience already but have never done an Introduction Course, or would like to experience one with a Gita focus. This is a great opportunity to refresh and also to discover things you may have missed before. Welcome back to yoga.

This is a little outline of some of the things you will be learning to experience.

Breathing techniques that oxygenate the body and calm the mind

Limbering to strengthen the body and gain flexibility .

Moving into yoga Asanas (postures ) working through all the ranges of movement of the Spine. This improves flexibility and refreshing the nervous system.

Discover the improvements you can create in your life and how to implement them.

Improved vitality as you learn how the 7 main chakras respond to stretch and breath. These are energy centres which we cant see but we can feel and are fundamental in many Eastern healing modalities. Rather like an electrical network running through your body with hubs or energy centres at the junctions. The spine is the major corridor for this system and our stretches specifically target them.

Be amazed at what you will achieve and enjoy yourself





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