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At The Yoga Creative we are continuing this long and proud tradition of women championing the human condition through Gita Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Relaxation, Therapy, Art, Creativity and self-connectivity. We differentiate with fluff-free focus in an intimate environment that caters to a maximum of 15 students, our studio concentrates everything; the senses, balance, breathing patterns, energy flow.

Our Story

The Yoga Creative emerged when Margie and Deb finished their Gita Yoga teacher training they had a dream to create a space to have a place to teach and practice- A Yoga Studio, originally known as Yoga Space Fitzroy. In 2007 Margie renovated her gallery and decided to create a yoga studio above it. Margie engaged an artist/designer/builder to help her create a clean space with no clutter which can be a tranquil getaway for people looking to escape the hustle of the City life and Brunswick street.

Margie and Deb had one goal in mind when designing the studio, to benefit individuals the same way it had helped her. Yoga can transform people’s lives, a simple yoga practice can change your life . She wanted to create a yoga community that is financially sustainable and encourages individuals to do yoga.

At the yoga creative we look at the bigger picture, from the mind to body connection. We lead with science to outline the endocrine glands and how they are massaged or cleaned through every posture and stretch. And most importantly it brings peace and calm to everything you do in your lifestyle.

The Yoga Creative focuses on the endocrine balance, meridians, where ancient indian meet modern science.

It is for individuals who are seeking to know themselves better and improve their health, be calmer and happier.

Our Studio

The Yoga Creative is a space to learn or teach your own class. The studio is a place fused with a contemporary art gallery to engage with curious minds. We aim to provide a platform for teachers to get inspired and inspire those around you. Our Yoga Studio has been meticulously conceived to offer all amenities to create a peaceful environment for all yoga styles, meditative practices through to 1:1 treatments. The calming studio provides an abundance of natural light from long windows, skylights and insulation that allows quietness to flow.

The Studio is light filled and fully carpeted, with ceiling fans, heating and cooling, blankets, toilet, shower, treatment room, bolsters and a mini shop filled with candles, books, organic food items, chairs and a mini kitchenette.

We offer a 15 matt space per class, with intimate and boutiques class experience giving detailed individualised support. We cocoon people away from busy life, we pride ourselves on being approachable, down to earth and not lost in the sea or with the fairies. We have a thriving yoga community that is supportive of both the teachers and students.

Our fully equipped treatment room boasts a variety of holistic practitioners offering treatments from massages, Reiki, Ayurvedic through to Naturopathy. It is a private space removed away from the Studio space so the two can operate together without distraction.

At The Yoga Creative we respect each individual and provide a beautiful safe sanctuary catering to different individual needs.

Located on Brunswick street, we are easily accessible through public transport and next to some amazing food spaces. To access the space we are tucked down the lane way and up a flight of stairs all well lit and security monitored.

We believe Yoga is for everyone, all levels and abilities are welcome including babies! We invite you to come in and relax, breathe and meditate with the traditional Yoga Asanas, stretch, strengthen, find inner peace and balance. Whether you want to begin a practice or extend a practice The Yoga Creative is the perfect place to learn and grow.

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