Hatha refers to yoga that moves the body,to physical techniques and there are many variations used by different yogic lineages.

Hatha yoga helps combine physical movements in harmony with the inner workings of the body. Stretch the body, and relax tired tense muscles.

Revitalise your body from the inside out with exercises that not only target muscles but also focuses on renewal and return to balance . All classes include guided breathing and relaxation components.

Introduction class:

We offer a one hour introduction class to Hatha Yoga. Learn how to bring the mind, body and emotions into balance through stretching, breathing and quieting the mind. Understand the foundation postures and techniques safely in small groups. Bring the endocrine system into balance, work the muscles of the whole body, learn to release stress, improve sleep and restore energy. This class includes stretching and working with traditional asanas. This is the starting point of your Yoga journey.

Hatha yoga is recommended for desk jockeys, people who stand on their feet all day, people with stiff joints and tight muscles. People who have anxiety and need to work on their sleep.

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