Mickey Space

Michele Maselli, aka Mickey Space is the founder of Sparkly Yoga.

Mickey is a qualified Gita Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga teacher 

Mickey specialises in holding space. Whether on a dance floor as a DJ, co-ordinating events and festivals or on your mat as a Yoga teacher. World explorer, Mickey has spent much time traveling India and Thailand amongst his many destinations and has studied Yoga from several inspiring teacher worldwide. In 2007 he graduated with a 900 hour in depth teachers diploma at Gita International and has been teaching classes professionally and running in-depth retreats since then. Immersed in full time teaching, Mickey teaches the full gamut of Yoga styles from Vinyasa to Yin Yoga and sound healing, with an esteemed schedule teaching at Melbourne’s most revered Yoga studios. His style is eclectic due to his diverse experience and background, incorporating all the aspects of Yoga in a class, will challenge students physically, educate them anatomically and inspire them spiritually, always with a sense of lightness, humor and joy.

Mickey endeavours to remind his students that whilst the practice gifts us with delightful physical and mental benefits, essentially it is the pathway back to discovering our deep inner nature of stillness and peace. He has been taking students to deeper levels since 2010 having run several local and international retreats and having had the privilege of being invited to teach at several yoga and music festivals and events nationwide. Being a professional and passionate DJ for longer than he has taught Yoga, Mickey also loves incorporating music and free flowing movement into his classes, running his very popular Hatha Groove workshop where he uses a DJ to lay down Sacred Beats creating quite a funky session!In 2018 Mickey embarked upon the role of teacher trainer, now senior lecturer at Summer Healing’s 200hr Hatha & Vinyasa TT course and both writing and running the 50hr Yin TT course.


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