Art + Yoga Workshop

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level 1, 227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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A carefully curated workshop featuring gentle movement and creative expression through painting and drawing. The workshop is for everyone, especially those who:

  1. Have never done yoga before and want to learn in a safe and welcoming environment
  2. Have a creative practice and want to explore different ways to stimulate their creative brain
  3. Have always wanted to experiment with drawing and painting but never find the time or the energy
  4. Want to start a creative practice but don’t know where to begin
  5. Are feeling a bit ‘stuck’ and want to learn some new skills in a supportive environment.

This workshop includes:

  • A full length Hatha Yoga class for all levels and abilities
  • Tea, snacks and all yoga and art making materials
  • Breaks down the creative process to easy, achievable steps
  • Worksheets to be used in class and to take home
  • Take home paints, paper, canvas and brushes

This workshop will teach you, how to prepare yourself for creative practice, how to choose acrylic paints based on their transparency and how to manipulate paint using water and pouring techniques. How to tune in to the creative body and make creative decisions based on information received plus how to combine line drawing and painting in an intuitive way so that you can continue your creative practice at home

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