Megan Jones

Yoga has been in Megan’s life for 25 years and she has been teaching for 15 years.

She started teaching after graduating from Gita’s 900 hour Gold Diploma of Teaching Hatha Yoga and continued to study with Gita completing the Diplomas in teaching Pranayama, Meditation, The Ancient Wisdoms and Progressive Yoga Relaxation.

Feeling our way through our body and getting in touch with our feelings, emotions and physical sensations became especially important to Megan due to her time with serious health concerns when yoga was especially supportive in healing.

Gita Yoga sees the body as multi-dimensional and focusses on our glandular and energetic systems to bring our body into balance from where healing takes place.

Megan teaches in yoga studios, she taught students with Multiple Sclerosis at the MS Society and students with cancer at the Gawler Foundation for several years and over the past three years has conducted annual and bi-annual yoga retreats with her yoga buddy in Melbourne.

Her classes start with stretches followed by the Gita practice of pranayama and the 10 postures to balance the brain, switch on our central nervous system, balance our emotions, glandular system and chakras finally ending with a relaxation. 


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