Experience the calmness and quietness that comes when we take notice of our minds. This is not a Course, this is experiential; we close our eyes and we go within. We will explore the techniques of mindfulness , focused visualisations and contemplative practices. Sometimes we also visit Meditations from the Yogic and Buddhist traditionsbased on following the breath and relaxing the body.

Learn to resist the endless churning of your monkey mind by training the mind to be attentive to the experience of being in the present moment. Learning to be aware without judgement or comment.

Meditation requires very little, a quiet space to sit or lie, a warm blanket, and the will to close your eyes and explore stillness.

This simple and ancient tradition brings clarity and calmness to the mind. We learn to notice, wasteful, repetitive and negative thinking.

There have been numerous research projects on meditation and the brain, and our ability to retrain our brains, and neural plasticity. Harvard University is currently running a research program in schools in Philadelphia incorporating Mindfulness and yoga.

Who is it for.

  • Over thinkers
  • Poor sleepers
  • Seekers of Spiritual growth
  • Those wanting to improve clarity and clear thinking
  • Those wanting to train the mind to assist the body to heal
  • The over anxious

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