Penny Digaletos

Our beloved Penny is often the voice we all hear when we think of Gita Yoga relaxation. Any teacher or student who has passed the doors of Gita yoga over the past 30 years will have experienced the deepest peace and relaxation at the hands of the wonderful teacher Penny Digaletos.

Penny has over 30 years experience teaching Gita style Hatha Yoga across both general and gentle classes as well as Progressive Yoga Relaxation. (PYR) Penny graduated as a Gita Yoga teacher in 1989, she originally did the course because she just loved the yoga practice taught at Gita Yoga and simply wanted to do more yoga. Throughout her career as a yoga teacher the Progressive Yoga Relaxation, the Hatha style of Gita Yoga combined with the Esoteric and philosophy classes became a constant in her life.

“Being able to teach others is a privilege. There is a transformation that takes place be it physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – sometimes subtle, sometimes quite powerful on all levels. I love teaching the Gita sequence and the magic that is Progressive Yoga Relaxation. I simply love the diversity of students that come to yoga and I most of all enjoy watching them grow”

“I love the diversity of students that come to yoga”


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