This beautiful Relaxation technique was developed by Margrit Segisman the founder of Gita Yoga. As a young woman in Switzerland there many difficulties in her life and Tuberculosis was one of them. She was sent to a Swiss Sanitarium where she struggled to breath, to stay alive and to simply survive each night. To quell her fear, she learnt to relax the muscles one by one. Over a period of several years she learnt that by continuously relaxing the muscles of the body she could release fear and tension. Instead of dying at the Sanitarium as it was expected she would, she went on to lead a remarkable life until her early nineties.

She observed how deep and progressive relaxation taken regularly is not only necessary but also life changing. She knew how to make it work from her experiences in Switzerland, and then deepened her understanding of why it worked during years of yogic studies with her Guru in Northern India. It is our good fortune that his knowledge came with her to the Gita School of Yoga in Melbourne where it has been taught ever since.

Its a deliciously simple process, a little like meditation, but it requires no mental effort. You simply find a comfortable place to lie down. Create a nest of blankets and pillows that support the body so that it it is invited to relax completely. You will then be guided in a sequence that relaxes the mind and the muscles bringing you to a place of deep physical contentment. In this place between consciousness and sleep the unconscious mind can now release its burdens .

Those who embark on this journey enjoy a deep sense of peace and it can lead to a profound understanding of self and a clarity of mind .

Any sessions that you can attend will bring benefits, and leave you feeling lighter and happier. If you are able to commit to weekly sessions, training the muscles to relax and to release physical and mental tension, you will increase the benefits. Its a progressive process, Progressive Yoga Relaxation. Enjoy its deep calming benefits.

. The relaxation allows the release of muscle tension and daily stress.

. It brings the nervous system back to a place of balance and calmness.

. Physical relaxation facilitates emotional relaxation, and this in turn releases negative feelings. We can create space for contentment and happiness in our lives. How good we feel when the relaxation process unwinds the mind, offloading unwanted mental tension.

. The release of negative energy creates space for contentment and the belief that one can be happy in life.

At The Yoga Creative we encourage you to use these simple techniques . We want you to experience the way you can feel with less accumulated stress. We all desire to enjoy life and to live more fully and freely.

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