Christopher Woods

Christopher has been on the Yoga trail since he was in his 20s. Learning, practicing, making mistakes and learning some more. He has also spent many years on and off learning and practicing Tail Chi and Qi Gong and learning to “listen” to his body, his energy and his mind. This has helped him in his journey through life, especially in his teaching career and as a musician. Learning breathwork and mindfulness has made him sensitive to his own wellbeing and also his clients. This has created an interest in the source of health and ill health.

In his holistic search for good health, it was the term “everything is energy” and understanding what this actually meant that lead him to Eden Energy Medicine.

This taught him that before any physical illness manifests, the energy patterns in and around the body will be out of balance. Fix these imbalances and the body will fix itself. When we practice Yoga , Qi Gong or other energy exercises we influence the energy systems to keep them in balance and keep ourselves resilient and healthy. In Christopher’s words ” preventative (dare I say) medicine”

Christopher now practices and teaches some very powerful exercises via The Energy Routine to help keep ourselves in our best form, encouraging health, well being , resilience and radiance.


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