Breathing out the old patterns, and build-up of negative, stagnant energy, makes space for the new and fresh to enter into our internal and external world. We become energised and develop a deeper understanding of our Truth.

Roisin is our Instructor. A teacher by profession and nature, Roisin has exclusively specialised in conscious breathwork, human development and growth. She has been certified by the Illuminati Congo’s Jahn Hooks in Connected Shamanic Breathwork.

“I own a mindset development business called ‘The Conscious Rose’ and I offer mentorship, specialised intuitive healing programmes, private and group rebirthing and breathwork sessions online and off; so that we can reprogram the subconscious to achieve quantum leaps in our results in life.”

“My mission as a rebirthing and breathwork practitioner is to reconnect people to a more conscious awareness of their life force. The breath is the easiest and most effective tool that allows us to live a more connected, light and purposeful life-filled with unconditional love, our passions and dreams.”

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