The Energy Routine encourages you to learn a sequence of movements that activates the energy pathways and promotes good health and healing.

What to expect

Focused movements particularly using your arms and hands and gentle rhythmic patterns. These movements are available to most of us, old/young, active/passive.

A little about Energy movement

If everything is energy (think about an itch or a muscle twitch for example), then we can affect these energies in a positive way to balance ourselves. For example: if we have a head ache, the energy in our head may be blocked or hindered. Freeing up this energy and enabling it to flow naturally again could relieve our head ache. This means that when we allow our energies to flow in their natural state, it enables our body to keep its health, or heal itself.

About Eden Energy and Donna Eden

Eden Energy is a natural healing modality from Donna Eden, a woman who managed to heal herself from MS . She was born able to see energy as well as feeling it. When she was sick, she discovered that she could influence her body’s energies by placing her hands in particular places on her body, or moving them in particular directions. She enabled energy movement to establish in the correct directions to let the body do what is does best. Heal itself.

Best done daily, but join our Instructor Chris for a weekly class and establish your own Daily Energy Routine.

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