One of the Hatha Yoga’s, Gita Yoga particularly aims to bring the endocrine glands into balance by targeted stretching , breathing, and meditation.

History of Gita Yoga

Arriving in Australia in 1954 Margarit Segisman, a Swiss German woman, renouncing her title as Swami Gitananda, leaving her Cave and Guru in the Himalayas. The Guru ways were to change she taught, we were to learn and answer to ourselves.
She wanted to start a school, where she could teach the art of balancing the messages which are carried to and from the brain in chemical form. This balancing of the endocrine glands can change the way you live your life.
In 1960 Australia’s first Yoga School, Gita School of Yoga was opened. Gita merged the science of Endocrinology with the yogic teachings of the Gurus. A sequence of 10 asanas (poses) involves the physical stretching of the body and at the same time helps you to find peace and balance.
All Gita classes contain stretch, guided breathing and relaxation techniques.

Who is Gita Yoga for?
Gita Yoga is specifically beneficial for Diabetics, Stressed individuals, anxiety victims, weight imbalances and people looking for spiritual growth and inner peace.

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