A tribute to our beloved “Hippie” Karen Dinakis

On Thursday 27 March, a year since this loved member of our Yoga Creative Community passed, in a collaborative effort between, The Yoga Creative, PG Gallery, artist David Suff, and yoga mates Lesley and Allison we were able to donate an Art work in her memory to the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre.

We were joined by members of Karen’s family for the handover in what was a moving experience for all of us. If you are in the centre, pause for a moment, enjoy the beautiful garden triptych and remember this joyful, passionate, woman, Karin Dinakis.  

About the Art work.

These are the 3 Etchings by David Suff depicting seasons in a garden. The works were created by etching and engraving onto copper plates. They were then inked and hand printed using an etching press. Each colour requires a new plate, and then there is some delicate finishing work by hand with watercolours and a brush.

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