We are all feeling cheered now the lockdown is easing and our freedoms are returning. Feeling cheerful and positive is good medicine, particularly where your immune system is concerned.

Our immune systems protect us from invasive bacteria and viruses like covid19 , so it is very important that we take a little time to care for ourselves and make sure our lungs and immune system are in the best of health.

About the Immune System

The immune system works hard to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering our bodies.  If they do gain entry it then tries to eliminate the intruders before they activate and we start to feel unwell.

When we are unwell it is working hard to quell the invasion and return us to health. How our Yoga supports wellness and a strong health immune system. 

It’s hard to believe, but  90%  of illness and disease are the result of a depressed immune system, and the main activator is stress itself.  It’s been a tough time during lockdown , but now as we move forward it’s time to get active with some some exercises that will support our health.

Some simple stretches will get your body moving again, and that movement will elevate your mood, and also create a positive response for the Immune system . Just 20 minutes of of yoga will do it, and how much better to make it an hour.  Allow yourself to feel well and happy and back in balance.

Stress creates an over supply of cortisol in the body, and thats what depresses the immune system. Yoga practices around breath and relaxation not only decrease cortisol levels, but increase the levels of endorphins circulating which are mood lifters. 

Twisting, stretching, and  squeezing freshens blood supplies to the organs of the immune system like the spleen and the thymus.

The Thymus is an endocrine  gland located in the front of the chest at the sternum bone. It sends out the warrior cells that protect the immune system. Every time we do our Cobra stretch or simply squeeze the shoulder blades together it is triggered. The spleen is where the white blood cells fight the invasive cells. Forward folding squeezes and refreshes the spleen and digestive organs.

Toxins are  also removed by the lymphatic system which  circulates three times more   quickly after vigorous yoga sequence like Sun Salutes. Welcome each day actively ,with a smile if you can, and enjoy the day as it unfolds whatever it brings.



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