Introduction to yoga

If you are enjoying yoga classes and would like to dive deeper into your practice an Introduction to Yoga Course is a great help for budding yogis.

Getting started is best in a Studio or small group with an experienced Instructor.

Find a Teacher that you trust to inspire you and teach you the yoga basics safely.

You will benefit so much from such a program. Let your body adjust and building up muscle strength and flexibility week by week, learning to practice the stretches safely, with pleasure and confidence.

As we are all in possession of wonderful unique bodies we also come to the mat from different starting points. That commonly uttered ‘I am not flexible enough for Yoga” is a great starting point. Make a change, ease your way into a more flexible healthy life that leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. Let the magic of Yoga unfold for you. Check your Course contains instruction for breathing practice, meditation and relaxation as well as stretch.

Feel inspired, get started and love your yoga practice.

The Yoga Creative has an Introduction Course starting on Thursday 18 February with Megan, a very experienced Teacher who would love to share her passion and knowledge of yoga with you.

8 Week Course is $128.00 In the Studio or Online as you choose or as you can. Zoom only $80.00 or take 4 weeks on the 28 Days for $28 .00 introductory deal

More Information about Introduction look here

More Information about Megan look here

We hope this helps. Please remember if you have any further questions, just contact us at [email protected] or ring 0410417598

We look forward to sharing a class with you soon.


The Yoga Creative Fitzroy is located above PG Printmaker Gallery 227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Entry is from the rear accessed from Fisher’s Lane off Bell Street. Tram 112 runs down Brunswick Street regularly on the St Kilda to West Preston Line (via Collins St, CBD). Disembark at Stop 15 for The Yoga Creative Fitzroy.

The Yoga Creative Private

We have extended the use of our space to visiting Teachers, Workshops and for Private Classes. Please contact Margie directly for bookings, times and fees.
Contact Margaie Direct 0410417598
Email: [email protected]

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