Lets twist

The very basis of good health is a healthy spine. You may have noticed how you continuously move your spine in all sorts of different ways in a yoga class.

Here are some great ways to improve spinal flexibility.

  • Curl and roll your spine in cat cow
  • Lengthen it by stretching tall and bending forward to open it up
  • Arch to the sides in side bends
  • twist

Let’s focus on twists and the big raft of health benefits ; here we go,

  • Strong and flexible muscles, tissues, ligaments and tendons creating good physical health.
  • Ease of movement and body flexability
  • Increased flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid along the spine. An improvement of oxygen flow to the brain. (Cerebrospinal fluid protects and supports the brain and removes waste products from it.)
  • Refreshment of our brilliant nervous system which connects mind and body via the spinal cord that flows into the brain. This also helps us to think clearly, and its how we action our thoughts. 
  •  Twisting the spine moves and creates openness between the vertebrae and creates space for the disc pads, those flexible cushions between our spinal bones.
  • The Eastern traditions also acknowledge an energy highway along our spines (Yogis call is Sushumna) connecting the seven main energy centres (chakras) along its length. These activate the energy (called prana or chi) which flows through our bodies creating vitality and well being. Every time we move our spines we are also refreshing our energy, how amazing!

There are many wonderful Spine Twists, this one is Trikonasana the Triangle Pose. Do one daily and enjoy good energy flow and ease of movement, adding up to feeling great !

If you want to get started learning some twists, find a trained yoga Instructor, or come Online with theyogacreative.com.au

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