August Full Moon

The moon is on its way to fullness and peaks Tuesday 4th of August at 1.58am

Sun is in the fiery, fun loving, expansive ,centre of attention of Leo & the moon in freedom loving humanitarian Aquarius.

People often react emotionally during the days of the Full Moon due to a feeling of helplessness. They become aware of the distances between the way they want to be and the way that life currently is. Often, when they see this gap , they become upset.

This full moon is no different…it has the potential to literally shake us up from the inside out. But, Aquarius is about the BIG PICTURE. The shake up can help us to shake off, remove and let go of things no longer meant for us….it asks that when we feel any self doubts surface as we contemplate moving forwards, that we focus our sights on serving the greater good to create a better future for all.

Look around & see the bigger picture! Notice where in your life you are neglecting the truth……( With Leo ruling the heart there is a big focus on relationships & affairs of the heart) It may challenge us to look at these truths! However, we can use the suns radiance projected on to the moon as an opportunity to lighten up…… live authentically from the heart… be who we truly are.

Allow the light of the moon to really wash over you to help with the transformation & transition at this time… get some moonshine as well as some sunshine.

It is a great time to reset, to re calibrate, to renovate the inner and outer landscape…. aim not to resist! We have an amazing opportunity right now, to evolve or or to become extinct. You choose ! Also remember to balance the me or self (Leo) with we or others (Aquarius)

BALANCE is key to being present, powerful and productive! With this incoming energy we need to be flexible, open & ready to seize the day, to take opportunities being presented, as well as being present & in the moment. Aim not to be too occupied with the physical & the personality that you forget to nurture your soul!

Celebrate fabulous unique YOU! Be honest. Be Kind. Be love.

As John Lennon said “we all shine on like the Moon, the Stars and the Sun”

So most of all – shimmer, sparkle & SHINE ON

With love and blessings from Cherie

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