Amrit Yoga with Margaret

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07:00 - 12:00

The Yoga Creative Level 1, 227 Brunswick street, Fitzroy

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Amrit Yoga is Meditation in Motion! Strengthen, lengthen and Integrate! An authentic way to connect with your true self.

Amrit Yoga is a deeply spiritual and transformative practice of yoga where poses are performed in a state of meditation. As the student moves through a sequence of postures a focus on alignment,on the body,and on the breath work helps draw attention inward. This allows the student to enter the subtle energy body more deeply and releases blockages in the emotional , physical and spiritual body. Movement into and out of yoga poses is slow and graceful; poses are held for some time. There is both gentleness and rigour to the poses. As intensity builds each student can approach their edge and find their inner equilibrium. The physical intensity and inner focus becomes an anchor for integration and periods of meditation are interspersed throughout the sequences. The body and breath are used as vehicle for deep integration of heart, mind,body and soul bringing a deep sense of peace, union, stillness and liberation.

Amrit yoga was developed by Yogi Amris Desai, one of the first yogis to travel from India to America to develop a practice suitable for westerners.

“Perfection is not necessary; there is no arriving, only going.

There is no need to judge where you are in your journey.

It is enough that you are travelling”

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