Nourishment and rejuvenation is high on my agenda. When all the cells in your body are functioning well there is enhanced health and less chance of disease. I see so many people worn down by their overly active lives. Women who have multiple roles as business owners or employees, mothers, wives, housekeepers. Whose lives appear to be a daily marathon. With the stresses and strains so prevalent in our daily lives we often don’t listen to our deep inner self or take time to return to our inner silence to re-charge our batteries. In this busyness it is easy to lose a sense of self and thus transition into different phases of life without pause, which can lead to ill health especially as we approach menopause. I believe that by considering each person wholistically and planning with them a program to best nourish their return to health I can help give people the tools to lead a more healthy, rejuvenated life, thus preventing disease.

I have been studying Ayurvedic medicine and naturopathy for over 22 years and been practising since 2001. My training was done at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine (later the Australian College of Natural Medicine) and at the same time I undertook extensive training with Metagenics in the Clinical Foundation of Ayurveda. In early 2001 I travelled to India and spent 3 months at Ayushakti studying under Drs Pankaj and Smita Naram in Mumbai and later in 2009 a further 5 weeks in Mysore India. Having studied naturopathy I discovered in Ayurveda a wholistic system that considers the whole person. As one of the first emerging new practitioners with a background in naturopathy to practice Ayurvedic medicine in Melbourne my practice flourished.

I am happy to take an integrated approach to ensure you have the best outcomes.​

Some of the things Vicki’s clients say

“Vicki has an immense capacity to simply ‘be’ with people, listen to their concerns and create an individual treatment plan to nourish and support each person on their journey to optimal wellbeing.

She emanates a vast love and passion for the practice of Ayurveda and the benefits to be gained for everyone. Her training as a naturopath in the sciences of anatomy, physiology and clinical medicine add to her understanding of your condition.”


Ayurveda with Vicky

Ayurveda with Vicky

Ayurveda is the science of life. Most forms of natural and complementary therapies can be traced back to roots in Ayurveda. It is first mentioned in one of the oldest…

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