A practicing artist for over 17 years and a yoga teacher for over 13, Claire is passionate about creativity, embodiment and community.

She obtained her Master of Fine Art (with Distinction) in 2014 and completed the rigorous Gita International Gold Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2007.

Claire’s classes are full of heart, humour and empathy. This is further amplified by her Art + Yoga workshops which are an extension of that positive energy.

Claire’s art practice often explores curiosity, wonderment and the process of making art. You can see some of Claire’s wonderful artwork adorning the walls at The Yoga Creative, including the mural in the main studio.

Expect to feel inspired and uplifted after her one-of-a-kind workshops.

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Claire Le Febvre's Classes


Art + Yoga Workshop

Art + Yoga Workshop

A carefully curated workshop featuring gentle movement and creative expression through painting and drawing. The workshop is for everyone, especially those who: Have never done yoga before and want to…

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